Monday, July 20, 2009 and Today

It's been fascinating to watch the parade of commentary by SF authors on today, as we communally celebrate the 40th anniversary of our arrival on the Moon. (The servers there were getting pretty maxed out for a while, so loading was slow, but they seem to have it under control now.) My own contribution appeared during the early hours and has scrolled onto the second page by now, but I'm in good company, coming between Joe Haldeman and Charlie Stross. (Here's a permalink to the Moon Landing Day celebration. More of a directory, though. If you're reading this on July 20, better to go to the main page.)

At first there was no cool picture to accompany my post, but they've now added one, and I'm happy!

Also, whether by coincidence or design, picked today to do a nice writeup on my books. They couldn't have picked a better day for it!

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