Wednesday, May 16, 2007

One More Thing

(As Lt. Columbo would say.) This will probably be my last entry before heading off to the N.E. Young Writers Conference at Breadloaf. One of the things I've been doing in preparation is adding to a list I've sort of been maintaining of quotes by writers, so that I can pass out some of the best ones to the students. There are quite a few of them. So I thought, why not share them with you? If I sign off every blog entry with one, I've easily got a year's worth.

By the way, did you all hear that Ray Bradbury was recently awarded a special citation by the Pulitzer Prize Committee, for his lifetime of contribution to literature? I think that's pretty cool, and well deserved.

See you all after the conference!

I'm going to leave you with a link to another cute video: sea otters holding hands.

"Storytelling is how we survive.... That's how we learn from each other, it's the best way. That's why literature is so important; it connects us, heart to heart." —Alice Walker

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