Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Writing/Chaos Chronicles Update

As I've mentioned before (but for the benefit of any new readers who may have found us here), I'm doing final revisions now on Sunborn, the long-delayed fourth novel in the Chaos Chronicles series. I think I've got the hardest part done—which was redoing the first half dozen chapters for improved pacing, etc., per my editor's request. I hope I can wrap up the rest of the edits in the next few weeks, and have the book in the pipeline for publication next spring.

When I was at the Nebula Awards event last weekend (see entry below), I heard a great quote. Well, great from an ironic point of view, anyway. Author D.G. Compton (The Unsleeping Eye) related the quote, but it actually came from the late Edgar Pangborn (Davy), whose agent said to him, on the occasion of a disappointing royalty statement: "You'll never make much money writing books like that. But the very best people will come to your funeral."

Compton, with a wry smile, looked out over the roomful of SF writers and said, "It looks like all the best people are here. What do you suppose that means?"

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