Tuesday, January 09, 2007

They're Gonna Put Me in the Movies, Revisited

I finally heard from the fellow whose small film I acted in about a year and a half ago (as Pops the Bum). He's having a premier showing for the cast in a couple of weeks, and will be showing it in his theater (the Regent, in Arlington MA) a few times. And then he's sending it off to some film festivals, to see if it generates any interest. Good luck to him!

Speaking of movies, my wife sent me a link to this interesting story in the NY Times about James Cameron's new film, Avatar, currently in production. One more step in the gradual merging of live actors and CG animation. One interesting thing is that they've developed the technology to let them see some of the virtual world while they're filming the actors. That has to help the director and others realize the vision they're after.

And speaking of technology, our friend Youngmee referred us to this story about a pretty emotive and lifelike robot developed by the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology. Her name is EveR-2 Muse.



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