Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Hunkered Down for a Nor’easter!

Here in Massachusetts, we’re in the early stages of what I guess they’re calling Winter Storm Juno. So far, it’s just been a windy snowstorm. But it’s supposed to go all through Monday night (that’s tonight), and all day Tuesday, and well into the wee hours of Tuesday night. A statewide nonessential travel ban just went into effect, until further notice, and everything’s closing. I’ve heard forecasts for our area ranging from one and a half feet of snow to three feet, and high winds. On the coast, that could be bad news. We’re far enough in that the biggest worry is downed lines and loss of power. (If we lose power, we lose heat.) All day I’ve been pondering the backup generator I didn’t buy when I was looking into them a couple of years ago.

The other thing I’ve been pondering is, why did my snow blower, which ran perfectly when I tested it a few weeks ago, pick this week to kack? I discovered this just yesterday, when it started stalling and I saw gasoline leaking from the carburetor. The local repair place seems to have gone out of business, and all the stores I called were 86 on snow blowers—all except the expensive motorcycle place, which had only expensive models, well out of my price range. I tried to repair the carburetor, but no dice. Anyone know where I can get a carb for a 1970s-era Toro?

On the plus side, I’m well stocked with books, batteries, beer, margarita ingredients, and necessary food stuffs, so I can go to my happy place when I need to. Except... except...

How in the world could I have only just discovered that there’s no coffee in the house??? NO COFFEE!!! Aiieeee!!!

A writer in a blizzard with no coffee?

Words fail.


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At 7:04 PM, Anonymous MaryA said...

Weirdly, I was having coffee cravings during the storm. Weirdly, because I haven't drunk coffee in decades; it turns my brain into a rubber sponge that then bounces off the inner walls of my brain. And yet, there I was, watching the snow by streetlight and itching for coffee.

Fortunately, I had chocolate chip cookies, which satisfied the coffee craving perfectly. Just so you know, should you ever need to.

At 7:06 PM, Anonymous MaryA said...

(Sigh) I meant the inner walls of my skull. Which thinks it's a brain. Clearly I need more chocolate.

Hoping everyone's store was beautiful, dramatic, and harmless!


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