Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Computer Celebrates By Dying

Maybe it couldn't stand knowing that I'd done most of the work on my last ebook on my laptop. Or maybe its time had come. But on the very night I got the new Eternity's End ebook up for sale, my office desktop computer Orion kacked. Really? Did you have to do that? (It was six or seven years old, so maybe it did.)

On top of that, my website was down for pretty much a full day (Monday, I think it was). No connection between the two, unless you think forces we aren't meant to know about were at work. Something kacked at the service that hosts me, and they spent pretty much a full day getting Verizon to fix their end so that service could be restored.

I've got a new computer up and running (typing on it now). I hope I like it. The budget's tight, so I went for an econo model on sale at MicroCenter. It's not like I do gaming or anything, so I didn't need to go for power, particularly. But I did want a full-sized tower unit, so I could put in a couple of extra drives salvaged from the old one. It seems uninspired, but I've named it Orion-2, mainly so as not to confuse Allysen, who already has trouble keeping the names of the computers on the home network straight!

We're hitting the stretch here, at the Starrigger Ranch. In just a couple of days, we wing our way south. My brother's getting married, in Miami, and that's where we're spending Christmas. Then to Puerto Rico for a little while. Can we get everything done before we leave? Sure. We eat problems for breakfast around here. Don't you?



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