Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Ultimate SF Workshop!

Ultimate SF, the annual writing workshop that I lead with Craig Shaw Gardner, will be starting again in October! This is a workshop for serious aspiring SF/F/Horror writers, meeting once a week for ten weeks. For obvious reasons, this is primarily of interest to people in the Boston area. This year, we'll be moving from our old venue at the Pandemonium bookstore in Cambridge to a location, still to be finalized, in Arlington, one town out on the bus line from Harvard Square. (Pandemonium has become too successful as a gaming center to provide space anymore.)

Get your red-hot info online now at: Some details are tentative.

This is an adult-level course, not suited for younger writers. However, young writers looking for guidance can check out my free online course at:

Come stretch your writing aspirations with us!

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