Monday, July 14, 2008

Readercon: July 17 – 20

Readercon happens this coming weekend, just outside Boston. It's one of my convention-going highlights of the year, being full of people who truly love reading and love science fiction! I'll be on a few panels, and doing a reading. The full text of the Program Guide is online as a PDF. But here's my schedule:

Friday 4:00 PM, Salon F:
If Free Electronic Texts Are Good Promotion, What's Piracy? -- Jeffrey A. Carver, James Patrick Kelly (L), Cat Rambo, Graham Sleight, Gordon Van Gelder

"Webscabs, who post their creations on the net for free . . . [are helping convert] the noble calling of Writer into the life of Pixel-stained Technopeasant Wretch."--Howard V. Hendrix, former Vice-President of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA). In a recent issue of _Locus_, Cory Doctorow summarized the evidence that giving away free electronic versions of books actually helps rather than hinders sales of the printed versions... What are the differences between giving away a text electronically yourself, and letting others disseminate it without your knowledge and/or permission? ...If "piracy" is actually good for all except the best-selling authors, how do writers reconcile this reality with long-standing and deep-rooted feelings about intellectual property rights and getting paid for work?

Friday 7:00 PM, Salon F:
Waking Up Sober Next to a Story Idea -- Paolo Bacigalupi, Jeffrey A. Carver (L), David Anthony Durham, Kay Kenyon, Barry B. Longyear, Jennifer Pelland

Really, it seemed absolutely beautiful once upon a time. Now that you've had intimate knowledge of it (say, midway through the novel), you can see all the less-than-flattering sides. You may even wonder, What the hell was I thinking? How do you recover enthusiasm for the work? Now that you see the flaws, how do you begin the process of fixing them?
Saturday 12:00 Noon, Vinyard: Kaffeeklatsch (meet the author)
Jeffrey A. Carver; David Anthony Durham

Saturday 2:00 PM, RI: Workshop
Writing Jujitsu: Turning Writer's Block into Stories. -- Barry B. Longyear with participation by Jeffrey A. Carver, Barbara Krasnoff, Sandra McDonald, et al.

You can't sell it until it's on paper and you can't get it on paper if things keep eating up your time, nag at you, bully you, or you're filled to the brim with illnesses, insecurities, or crushing doubts. Longyear presents a how-to workshop for beginning writers and those who have been there on how to turn what's blocking your muse into stories.

Sunday 1:30 PM, VT: Reading (30 min.) -- Jeffrey A. Carver reads from his forthcoming novel Sunborn.

If you're going to be at Readercon, I hope you'll come say hello. (I won't have a designated autographing time. They had too many authors, and since I don't currently have anything new out, they triaged me. But I'll be around. Grab me after a panel, or come to the Kaffeeklatch.)

"First you're an unknown, then you write a book and you move up to obscurity." —Martin Myers

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At 1:46 AM, Blogger Jeffrey A. Carver said...

Late Readercon changes to my schedule...


Saturday 2:00 PM, RI: Workshop -- Writing Jujitsu: Turning Writer's Block into Stories. Barry B. Longyear, et al

(Barry is sick and can't make it.)

Sunday noon -- autograph session


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