Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Old Negro Space Program

There's a short dramatic work that had to be declared ineligible for the Nebula for technical reasons*, but it's a lot of fun to watch (free online), and at the same time delivers a punch. It's called The Old Negro Space Program, and was created as a labor of love by its...creator...a fellow named Andy Bobrow. Give it a look. It's only ten minutes long, and is a very witty ten minutes.

*By technical reasons, what I mean is, the rules** said it wasn't eligible. I'm not discounting the possibility that the rules are screwy. (I'm on the committee charged with interpreting the rules, so I'm allowed to say things like that. Though come to think of it, so is anyone else.)

**If you're having trouble sleeping tonight, you could always settle in with the Nebula Rules, which you can read online 24/7, at the link I just gave.

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