Thursday, November 26, 2015

Organic Farming? Or Alien Produce?

Here at the Star Rigger Ranch, we believe strongly in organic farming, especially if someone else is doing the work. In that spirit, Allysen signed us up for a weekly allotment of organic produce through CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Every week she brings home twice as much produce as we can eat, which encourages us to give. And some of that produce is some kind of weird.

In keeping with the Thanksgiving Feast theme of today, I present to you:

The alien carrot (organic)

The face-sucking alien chard (organic)

Bra-a-a-i-i-ns (organic celeriac)

Alien fractal cauliflower (organic)

And some regular veggies (organic), just to keep us off balance.
But we know what they're up to.

Enjoy your meal!

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