Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Back, Live on the Web!

Verizon has finally fixed the problem (fingers crossed!), and my websites are back on the air! Yay!

That's the good news. The bad news is, Google is changing their search algorithms for searches made from smartphones, and web sites that are not optimized for mobile viewing are going to be severely demoted in the search rankings. Mobilegeddon.

Yeah, that would be me. This blog, apparently, is okay. But my author page and my writing course are both in plain html, and I don't know how to optimize them without rebuilding them from the ground up. Yes, I have been meaning for years now to make a transition to Wordpress, because that seems to be the way to go. But who has the time? I have a book to finish! Augh. 

I know this is something I need to do, anyway--probably by hiring someone to do it for me. But when? I just don't know.



At 3:11 PM, Anonymous MaryA said...

Hmm. I just got an email from Smashwords saying that Apple now wants bigger cover images. But my books don't have cover images, just lettering! And it must be a JPG or PNG. Whut??? And stuff about the pixels. (They would like it to be 1600 x 2400 pixels.) I think I did my covers as ... something else. And it's been ... years. Guhhhh. I was not cut out to be a publisher! Makes me twitch!


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