Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Moonlight: Playlist Killer

Moonlight: Killer App, or App-Killer Cat?
See this whitish Egyptian Desert Sand Cat? Looks innocent, doesn't she? She spends most of her time sleeping, or making good her latest escape from the irrepressible Captain Jack ("I am border collie! Run when I say run!"). But beneath that seeming innocence lurks the heart of a computer-wrecker.

Sometimes, when I'm writing late at night, Moonlight likes to saunter up to my office  and get in my way by being affectionate. Usually she starts by hopping into my lap and purring, forcing me to reach around her to type. But sometimes she ensconces herself in the space between my keyboard and my monitor. It's got a slidey stack of papers on it, and she makes them slide even more. Often, her hind paws stick down toward the keyboard. Last night, they were on the keyboard—actually, I think, on the Delete key.

I was just getting ready to quit for the night, when iTunes (always open when I'm working) suddenly began to flicker and blink. Finally it stopped. I inspected it. What's this? To my disbelief and dismay, my entire set of playlists was gone. All of them. My carefully selected Writing Music, my eMusic downloads, my Kitchen Get Your Mojo Working lists, everything. I glared at Moonlight.

She shot a bored glance my way. ("You lookin' at me?") Yes, I was looking at her. And then evicting her.

Instead of going off to bed, I went off to Googleland in search of cures for accidentally deleted playlists. I was not the first to seek help with this problem. (A lot of people must have cats too close to their keyboards.) There is no "undelete" for itunes playlists. In the end, fortunately, I located a backup of my itunes library that was only six months old, and it had most of the lists reasonably intact.

Cat, you got lucky this time. But next time... well, there just better not be a next time, you hear? Stop purring and listen to me.

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