Monday, May 07, 2012

Our Nutcase Border Collie

Captain Jack is a border collie, at least in part, and he wants to herd. Man, does he want to herd. (Just ask Moonlight, our cat. You thought you couldn't herd cats? Tell it to Cap'n Jack.) He also seems to regard my dirty socks as part of his flock, because he's forever fishing them out of the laundry hamper and herding them out to the living room. He doesn't chew them, just puts them where they're supposed to be. Only my socks, not anyone else's.

Maybe it's a control issue. We have several jumbo dog pillows -one in the living room, one in the bedroom, and one in my office in the finished attic. The bedroom pillow regularly finds its way to the dining room, sometimes just minutes after I've returned it to its proper spot. Or if it isn't in the dining room, it's in the doorway of our little central hall, where Jack lies on it as though deliberately metering the flow of traffic. Border collie cop?

The pad up in my office is a tougher case: it's stiffer and more awkward to move, and generally it stays in the corner where it belongs. Or did until the other day, when it too started migrating to block the nearest doorway. And then, not just to the doorway, but down the cluttered hallway of the library, down the steep attic stairs, through an even more cluttered entryway room, through the fairly cluttered living room, to the far side of the dining room. I was in my office working at the time, but I didn't see or hear him move it. Later, though, I found it -and him curled up on it -right in front of his crate (which of course has its own pad).

Every time I try to catch him in the act with a camera,  he immediately drops whatever he's carrying and gazes at me in innocent wonder. You can almost hear him: "Yo, what's up, dude?"

My last border collie, Sam, was certainly a dog with personality. But I think our Captain Jack is taking idiosyncrasy to a whole new level.

Here's another dog thinking outside the box:


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At 4:05 AM, Anonymous MaryA said...

The dirty socks thing -- that's dog-luv, than which nothing is more pure.


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