Friday, May 04, 2012

And Home Again

The world traveler is home, tired but happy. Great to see her. Great to have her back home. Not so glad to hear that she wants to go live in the Middle East. But never mind; we'll cope with that later. For now, we're just glad to have her safely home.

And what did the traveler bring us from Jordan? Go ahead, think about it; I'll give you a minute. Ready?

Whatever you thought, that's not it.  Here's what she said was in the plastic bags I helped her carry from the car: mud. I haven't seen it yet, but that's what she said, and I believe it. Mud. I guess she wanted to bring a little piece of the Middle East home.

If any further understanding develops (on my part), I'll be sure and pass it on.

Edit: Okay, it wasn't a little piece of Jordan coming home with her, it was facial mud. Which she bought. (Don't ask me. This is not a guy thing.)



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