Friday, February 24, 2012

Dead Skunk in the Middle of...

...the living room?

Almost. Something seems to have died in one of our living room walls. Mouse, probably. God, does it stink. We now have a fan running in the window 24 hours a day, venting the fumes. I forget how long it took to subside the last time this happened. A week? Two? I'm just grateful that we're having mild weather, so while it's driving up our heating bill, at least it's not happening during a cold snap.

I'm starting to think "three strikes and you're out" might be my new rule for rodents. First, mice chewed the spark plug wires in our car, to the tune of a few hundred bucks. Then the squirrels ate the wiring on our outdoor Christmas lights. Now this. I wonder if it died of insulation or copper poisoning.

I just hope it didn't chew the house wiring before it died. Auggh. Now, there's a thought.



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