Wednesday, March 01, 2006

President Bush is an Alien

Or controlled by one. That seems the best explanation, to me.

I just finished reading an SF novel by Timothy Zahn called, Night Train to Rigel, an entertaining yarn about mystery and intrigue aboard an interstellar train. At the risk of giving away a teensy bit of the plot, I'll reveal here that one aspect of the story involves alien mind control over important leaders. Not in itself a new idea, but it works well in the context.

It also works well in the context of puzzling out the bizarrely un-American behavior of our current administration (and here I'm using "American" in the good sense—that is, standing for peace, justice, and equal rights under the law). Now, some of you probably think I'm just harping on the same old thing, and I suppose there's some truth to that. But not without reasons. The most recent two are the failure of Congress to haul White House officials up on the illegal wiretapping of American citizens, and the recent article in the New Yorker about high-level condoning of abuse and torture of prisoners. Garrison Keillor, writing on, has efficiently summarized the gist of the article, or you can read the entire article in the Feb 27 issue of the New Yorker. I couldn't find the article online, but there's an interesting Q&A with the author of the article, Jane Mayer.

It's more of the same, of course, always more of the same. And now, today, from the Natural Resources Defense Council, comes news that Bush is yet again trying open the Arctic Wildlife Refuge, this time by putting it into the federal budget package. No matter how many times we knock this madness down, it keeps popping up again like a weeble.

So I'm almost right there with Garrison Keillor—there's more than enough reason to impeach the sonofabitch. Except...that would leave Dick Cheney in charge. And he's the head alien pod-person. So I guess the only hope is to go after the aliens themselves, before they take control of more of us.

Before they...ohno they're coming after mew#$f^zzzzzzzzzzz.......what's that buzzing in my ear...?

What was I saying? Oh, I remember now. I like our president....

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At 8:45 PM, Blogger substandardTim said...

i'll not bother to comment on the continuing parade of remarks against bush but as far as Zahn goes, I had bought one book of his years ago and really disliked it. Can't remember what it was anymore but it was enough to turn me off to his books when i see them.

At 1:56 AM, Blogger Jeffrey A. Carver said...

Tim -- I know you disagree with me about Bush, so I appreciate your continuing to come back and visit regardless. :)

I haven't read much of Zahn, but he's been writing a young adult series, starting with Dragon and Thief, which my daughter Julia and I have been reading and enjoying. I do have to forgive occasional lapses (sometimes even lapses of grammar, which a copy editor ought to have caught--or maybe did, but got overruled on), and I found that true in Night Train to Rigel, also. But on the whole, I've found the books to be fun. I haven't read any of his earlier work, which perhaps is what you read.


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